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Evelyn Gius

June 22nd 2021, 3:30 - 5:00 pm UTC

Meeting ID: 121 246 6149
Meeting password: SDC4LitLectures


Literature as Data: A Literary Studies Perspective on Computational Text Analysis

One of the major consequences of the use of computation in literary studies is that the very object of analysis shifts from literary text(s) to data. In consequence, both the concept of text and the practice of text analysis need to be revised, or at least be scrutinized for the need of revision. While this shift seems obvious for texts, it is exactly as inevitable for text analysis and interpretation. There, non-textual aspects of texts have to be considered as well as the methodology applied for analysis or the underlying interpretation theory.

In this talk, I will discuss the text analysis workflow in literary studies with regard to the shifts it undergoes when becoming a digital or even computational practice. The consequences of the shift will be highlighted with regard to annotation approaches in literary studies. Additionally, I will sketch possibilities of approaching some of the related challenges, considering both the computational and the literary studies point of view.

Prof. Dr. Evelyn Gius is professor for Digital Philology and Modern German Literature at the Technical University of Darmstadt. She has been involved in Digital Humanities projects for more than fifteen years and is currently the PI of the dissemination project forTEXT, the annotation platform CATMA and the computational literary studies project EvENT (Evaluating Events in Narrative Theory). She is part of the programme committee of the DFG priority programme SPP 2207 Computational Literary Studies, vice chairwoman of the Digital Humanities association DHd and editor of the new book series „Digitale Literaturwissenschaft". Her research topics include manual and automatic annotation of literary texts, Narratology, and corpus-based Digital Literary Studies.