Dragan Espenschied

June 1st 2021, 3:30 - 5:00 pm UTC

Meeting Link: https://unistuttgart.webex.com/unistuttgart/j.php?MTID=m4a62869f35a38ca4e560df45124461a4


Caring for Art on the Web. Rhizome's preservation infrastructure

Rhizome, founded in 1996, is a digital art non-profit with headquarters in New York and on the web. In 1999, the ArtBase was launched as a community-centered program to catalog and preserve internet art. Today,
the ArtBase references more than 2200 works, for more than 800 Rhizome holds at least one copy, or "variant." Working in an environment that is subject to frequent and in many cases foundational shifts in both
technological and cultural aspects, Rhizome has built infrastructure specific to its mission, using web archiving, containers, emulation, and linked open data.

Preservation Director Dragan Espenschied will introduce concepts and implementation of Rhizome's online preservation infrastructure, tool development, and open source community engagement.

Dragan Espenschied is a net artist and digital art preservation expert. Since 2014, he has led the digital preservation program at Rhizome, where he established unified processes based on web archiving, Linked Data, and structured emulation. Espenschied studied art and design at the Merz Akademie Stuttgart. His diploma project "insert_coin" was awarded the International Media Art Prize by ZKM and arte in 2001. He worked on virtual reality projects at Fraunhofer IAO (1998-2001), as a researcher at HfG Karlsruhe (2012-2014) and at Bern University of the Arts (2013). His work on emulation as a conservation strategy was awarded by the Open Planets Foundation in 2014 and the iPRES Best Paper Award in 2016.

Website: https://rhizome.org/profile/despens/